About Us

At Theros Collection we tailor-make sensational holiday experiences. We strive to match your individual desire with the most ideal properties in Greece, choosing from a carefully handpicked collection of small Luxury and Boutique Hotels, Villas, Traditional Houses and Yachts. We have the expertise and infrastructure to obtain and maximize personalization. A highly dedicated team of experienced professionals is always by your side and ready to serve. Thus, whether it comes to family, couple, boutique, luxury, or cultural holidays, we customize what is best suited to each, and every one of you.

Our Company

Theros Collection is a Boutique Travel Company specializing in handpicking the finest accommodation and yachting in Greece, tailored with customized travel, culinary and lifestyle services. Through expert consultation and planning we fulfill all our customers’ wishes, taking care of every detail of their trip.

Our mission statement

When we formed this company a few years ago, we wanted to define a clear and true mission statement.  We came up with Authenticity, Quality and Pleasure, and we adhere to that.
We believe in authenticity, the finest quality, which is sometimes very challenging, and ultimately the goal is to give the guest pleasure.

” To give people a wonderful experience and a good time is very gratifying! “

Behind Theros Collection

The team at Theros Collection is a mix of native Greeks and “those who have become Greek at heart after spending many years living and travelling in Greece”. In other words, we are a group of multi-nationals, with different backgrounds, speaking several languages, combining a variety of different professional expertise, ranging from hospitality, travel services, banking, financial services and supply chain management. What we all have in common – is that we share a true love for the life, spirit and magic these islands offer – and that we have a burning desire, and knowhow, to share it all with you.

Our services

Our travel specialists will work with you to arrange a well-planned and stress-free travel experience that includes breathtaking destinations, incredible accommodations, five-star services, impeccable transfers, exciting activities and an itinerary that allows you to simply enjoy and relax.
We do this by personally getting to know you. Through our Enquiry Form you describe who you are and what you desire, what you dream of, if you have any special needs, what your idea of a sensational holiday is, how you picture your mornings and evenings to be. Together we then discuss the suggestions we put forward, fine-tune the budget and details of your trip and tailor-make a vacation itinerary that completely suits your desires.

So, talk to our travel specialists and experience the professional, yet personal bespoke services we offer.

Our handpicked Collection

All properties in our collection have been handpicked and stand out, primarily for their five-star qualities, but also because of their aesthetic appeal, attractive locations, and distinctive characters – adding a unique dimension and flair to your vacation.

We do not list our collection of boutique hotels, villas, traditional houses or yachts on our website. You will however, through your Enquiry be presented with the ideal selection that matches your individual wishes.

Booking with us

  • We guarantee the best prices for your choice of accommodation, or we’ll refund the difference, no questions asked
  • We charge no booking fees. Our prices are the same as booking direct, or on big booking sites
  • Upgrades upon availability
  • Theros Collection Welcome Gift
  • 24/7 Helpline: + 30 697 556 7261

Welcome to Greece!

If you are an independent and free spirited traveler,
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